All Grain

All Grain Beer

As the name implies this type of beer does not use extract: indeed there are exceptions; in short you use boiling water and a mixture of crushed grain and a selection of Hops added at a given time.

there are 2 ways to brew an All Grain beer or ale.


The easiest all grain method is to use an automated system such as the newest equipment as we speak called Brewie or the Grainfather which is also available with the bluetooth controler and called Grainfather Connect: here is a picture of my Grainfather Connect in action as it is bringing the temperature up for the Mashing step. Another interesting unit is the Robobrew and I also own one of the Third generation which is not bluetooth.

Picture of a Grainfather Connect.

Grainfather Connect Bluetooth

Robobrew showing the included Chiller










Method 2: 

It is commonly called Brew in a Bag: You begin by warming up a given amount of water to a temperature of around 65 C and place a bag over the edge of a large pot and pour the grain or a mixture of grains, cook for about an hour and using hot water you sparge the grain to extract remaining sugar. Commonly the recipe will call of a liquid extract to add after the grain is drained and removed, either way then you boil out uncovered for approimately 1 hour. I have done a few of those batches and they were impressively delicious, you would also at a given time add one or an assortment of hops.

1 pot Brew in a Bag


5 to 8 Gallon pot

large mesh bag and a Ball valve. A thermometer can be attached to the top hole or a plug.

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