I found a link showing how to convert a Freezer into a Kegerator (Keezer). I used a 2×6 for the top section (collar); next one I will use a 2×8 to be able to store a 4th Keg on the compressor shelf. If you need quick advice simply use the contact us tab and we will help
Steps on building a Kegerator


Picture of a freezer transformed into a Kegerator

Brand new Kegerator

4 Taps Kegerator

From Left to Right

  1. Light Lager
  2. American IPA
  3. Cold Liebfraumilch White Wine
  4. Room Temperature Red Pinot Noir

The above picture does not show the complete Red Wine set up on the extended platform but the next one clearly shows the Co2 tank for beer and the Nitrogen tank for pushing both wines. FYI: Nitrogen gas has no taste, no odour and eliminates oxygen which will preserve the wines.

Picture of a kegerator with a Keg containing wine

Pepsi keg w Red Wine




Wine barrel with a Red Bull fridge inside and a Keg

Let us know if you want more equipment; suggestions and pictures are welcome



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