Grainfather Connect

Picture of a Grainfather Connect

Grainfather Connect

First there was the Grainfather  first generation (using short code GF from now on); then they developed the control box to be Bluetooth enabled, therefore controlled with a tablet or a cell phone and renamed it GF Connect.

We own a Connect unit which we acquired from our son for a reasonnable price.

Quickly… here are two links which you may view or use: the first one is for brewing a beer/ale using Grain and Extract. The GF recipe website does not have a recipe for such and since I still had 2 kits on hand I developed a recipe and on Thanksgiving it was a success. Visit American IPA Grain and Extract. Click on it for details.

Mainly the GF was created for All Grain beer/Ale making and one of the world’s favourite is the Rory’s Irish Red Ale. I purchased a kit from my local brew shop and it happened to be branded by Best Case and though the kit gives general brewig information for all type of brewing, it does not have a link to a recipe, so I created one. Here is the link to Best Case Rory’s Irish Red Ale 

To be continued…


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