Secret Family Cretons

Perfect Cretons

Serve on Bread ? or crackers with ? or ?


Ground Pork 1 pound (1/2 Kilo) or 1/2 ground chicken 1/2 pork
Cold water
Onion 1 large per pound
Garlic 2 cloves per pound
Salt (no pepper)

Place pork in a pot and spread it evenly (pic 1); cover meat with equal amount of cold water. (Pic 2) (Not warm) or it will make lumps. Now using a fork mix water and pork until perfectly mixed and no lumps. (Pic 3)


Place pot on stove at high temperature and using a large spoon keep stirring and break lumps as they form, (pic 4) reduce heat if and or when necessary. Keep boiling until most water is evaporated stirring every 20 minutes.

After a late stirring the middle large boil (pic5) will become a multitude of little volcanoes (pic 6) and its time to add the garlic and onions.
Cook until you can press the large spoon and there is enough liquid to cover the bottom of the pot plus a notch (pic 8.)

Too much liquid left will make runny product (pic 7 shows too much liquid) not enough will make dry cretons but you just add a cup of water and heat it up for 2 minutes.

Cretons need a lot of salt, so start with 1/2 a teaspoon per pound (1/2 Kilo) taste and add until desired taste.
Let it cool until at room temperature, then using a hand mixer blend all juices in for about 2 to 3 minutes, place in a container with cover and in the fridge for 2 hours.
i freeze my cretons so when my kids come to visit they return home with it: if not… well… I eat them ?

Quick touch on any picture will stop the slider and allow individual view.

  • Pic 1
    Pic 1
    Spread meat evenly in a cooking pot; with no air bubbles
  • Pic 2
    Pic 2
    Add equal amount of cold water
  • Pic 3
    Pic 3
    Using a fork fully mix meat and water until Smooth and no lumps.
  • Pic 4
    Pic 4
    On Med to high heat, break lumps with back of spoon
  • Pic 5
    Pic 5
    Medium heat to evaporate liquid, stir every 15-20 minutea
  • Pic 6
    Pic 6
    See the little volcanoes, add onion and garlic
  • Pic 7
    Pic 7
    Still too much liquid
  • Pic 8
    Pic 8
    Liquid covers bottom and a notch means it is ready: cool down to room temperature, then use a hand mixer to homogenize the goodie. Enjoy

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